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World Genealogy

If you have a cemetery list from any of these three counties you would like to
 submit please e-mail it to me at  I did not transcribe any of
these cemeteries, I am just providing links to them.

  Bell County

       All county cemeteries - from C. Richard Matthews

  Harlan County

       Ball Cemetery
         Black Joe Cemetery
         Burkhart Cemetery #1
         Burkhart Cemetery #2
         Dean Cemetery
         Evarts Memorial Gardens, part 1
         Evarts Memorial Gardens, part 2
         Evarts Memorial Gardens, part 3
         Jones Cemetery
                                     Fee Cemetery
                                     Blanton Cemetery

Knox County

       Abner Wells Cemetery
       Arthur Cemetery
       Barbourville City Cemetery
       Barton Cemetery
       Bertha Helton Hollow
       Black Cemetery
       Book 4 Cemetery
       Brittain Cemetery
       Bruce-Center-Perkins Cemetery
       Brush Crk. & Cumberland River
       Candle Ridge Cemetery
       Cobb Cemetery      
       Concord Cemetery
       Dowis Chappel Cemetery
       Ellison Cemetery
       Elliott Cemetery
       Emanuel Cemetery
       Evergreen Cemetery
       Farris Cemetery
       Faulkner Cemetery
       Faulkner Chapel Cemetery
       Flat Lick Cemetery
       Foley Cemetery
       Fore Cemetery
       Four Mile Cemetery
       Frost Cemetery
       Hammons Cemetery
       Hawn Cemetery
       Herndon Cemetery
       Hopper Cemetery
       Indian Creek Cemetery
       John Campbell Cemetery
       Jones Cemetery
       Keck Cemetery
       Lee-Rapier Cemetery
       Middle Fork C'land R. Cemetery
       Miller4 Cemetery
       Mills Cemetery
       Mills2 Cemetery
       Mount Olivet Cemetery
       New Bethel Cemetery
       Old Carter Cemetery
       Old Flat Lick Cemetery
       Old Helton Cemetery
       Old Lee Cemetery
       Perkins Cemetery
       Polly Warren Cemetery
       Purciful Cemetery
       Ricketts & Sowders Cemetery
       Road Fork Cemetery
       Sandlick Cemetery
       School House Cemetery
       Small Cemetery
       Sowders Cemetery
       Spurlock Cemetery
       Stinking Creek
       Stoney Fork Cemetery
       Trace Branch Cemetery
       Trosper Cemetery
       Tuggle Cemetery
       Unknown Cemetery
       Unknown Cemetery 2
       Warfield Cemetery
       Wells Cemetery
       Willis Cemetery
       Wilton Cemetery
       Woodson Cemetery

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